Get $10 in Free Stock from Groupon and StockPile


Stockpile is an online investing site, that will allow you to buy percentages of stocks. For instance, you can buy 7.5% of a single share the Vanguard 500 ETF (Symbol: VOO), which is presently at $260.24 per share as of the time of writing this post.

Via Groupon, you can get $20 of stock for just $10. And, if you use a promo code, get it for even less. Unfortunately, previously they allowed you to get 2 of the $20 for $10 deals, and 2 of the $10 for $4 deals. Now, you can only just get one single $20 for $10 gift card. However, that still at least $10 extra in free stock.

Also, you can do what I did, and ask your friends and family members to purchase for you, and have them “Give as a Gift” to you, and pay them back for the cost, so you can get even more than $20. You can also transfer your money out to your bank and invest elsewhere afterwards if you’d like, or, keep it there, and keep buying more stocks… whatever you’d like to do.

Here is the link to the Groupon for $20 for $10 from StockPile

Don’t have a Groupon account? Then use this link to sign up for one!

Disclosure: The Groupon Link is a referral, and I get $10 to use with Groupon if you sign up using my link.

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