Tax Donation Item Value Estimator

It’s that time of the year again… your W2’s and 1099’s, and a host of other tax-related forms are coming in the mail. As of right now, it may seem like its a long way off, but its just over 2 months away (63 days to be exact). This is the point in time when I start to break out in cold sweats, thinking about getting everything I need together and to my tax guy in time, and not the day before they are due.

Part of that process each year, is figuring out how much all of the items I’ve donated to charitable organizations (The Salvation Army, Goodwill, Savers, etc.) is worth, so I can get that to my tax guy. So, as I started pouring through receipts, I was looking around for my printed list I’ve had for years, and could not find it. I did a quick search, and found the list I normally use, and started looking through it.

Here is a list of different lists available out there:

I however wanted to have a searchable list… I did some looking around on the interwebs, and didn’t find anything. I got sidetracked from my taxes, geeked out, and made a website and an app available through Google Play app store, Donation Estimator Smile

It is by no far a complete list as of yet, I am constantly updating the backend database. Give it a download, check it out, and let me know if you find it useful! It is also available as a web site here:


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